"Do Your Potential Investors and Customers Understand How Your Startup Can Help Them?"

Our Animated Explainer Videos  Will convert prospects into paying customers.

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We Help Passionate Startups Like Yours...

  • Convert- Convert more prospects into leads and customers.
  • Boost- boost the chance of your startup going viral.
  • Simplify- Simplify the idea behind your startup for potential investors and customers.
  • Explain- Conveniently explain the market and investment opportunity your startup brings to the table.
  • Target- Target very specific customer base with how your story is being told.
  • Engage- Engage, using the power of visual storytelling to create a long lasting impression of your startup's idea.

Don't Take Our Word For It, Listen To:

‘We had a hard time explaining the uniqueness of our ridesharing app and how it's different from other apps like uber and lyft. Hyper360 took our idea and simplified it in a video that's less than 60 seconds.

Now we only need to point the video to a potential investor or customer and after 60 seconds they're already in.

Hyper360 is the best.

Luis - Founder/CEO, OttO Rides

Investors were on board.

Our only problem was appealing to our target market about how our product could help them.

Hyper360 used the right characters and words to make all we're all about appeal to who we wanted it to appeal to.

I'll always be glad Hyper360 reached out to me.


Don't Hesitate, Your Future Investors & Customers Need This Today!

If they dont fully grasp what your startup offers, They wouldn't trust your idea enough, chances are that they will go with your competitors or go with a different industry.

Why Your Potential Investors and Customers Need This

Your kind of Startup is one where prospects have to feel welcome, Trust and like you and also believe your service can help them, in order to want to do business with you/become a client.

Your website/social media profiles already explains what your service is about, which is good,

But showing prospects how your service can help them is better.

Because showing prospects what your services is all about and how working with you can truly help them, will create a long lasting impression in your prospects mind.

This method of showing how your service will help your prospect will make them like and trust you easier and want to do business with you.

When a potential client that is still in the research stage and still considering the idea of using the kind of services you offer,

When they come across your explanation video

it registers well and long in their minds, that when they get to the conversion stage and are ready to use your service they would come back to you, because you will be registered in their minds.

how to get clients easily is to show them you can help them by actually helping them.

The advantage you will have over your competitors when you have an explainer video is helping you stand out from the crowd by POSITIONING the uniqueness of your business/services and how you can help a potential client when they come on board with you.

which makes closing clients easier, with less stress.

Register your message in the minds of your prospect and they'll subconsciously like it.

because their minds fully understand what your service is all about and are ready to do business with you before they reach out or contact you.

This video can be used on your social media profiles, Email signature, YouTube, website and can be sent to people on your email list, that you're trying to close.

Also you can use it to run Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads or any social media ad that exists.

This is a marketing strategy that would increase the perceived value of your business and take away the pain of closing potential clients.

As an expert that you are,

Focusing on what you really like which is developing trust, cultivating a relationship & setting goals for clients that walks into your door should be your main priority

which this video will help you achieve.

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